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How City Governments Lead the Way In Corporate Sustainability

As anyone who reads Forbes or Entrepreneur knows, businesses have been looking for ways to create far more sustainable business practices. Companies from small local mom-and-pop stores to fortune 500 corporations are increasingly focused on how to decrease their carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly. Interestingly, many of these global companies are looking to local governments to create lasting change to their impact on the environment and ways to reduce waste. 

This is the opening paragraph for the Den Haag Gemeente on ways local government demonstrates leadership in the quest to create greener business practices.

Do Creative, Eco-friendly Gifts Create More Loyalty From Employees?

Along with healthy bonuses, vacation days, and healthy work/life balances, employers are finding little extras around the holidays and birthdays that nurture the bond between upper management and those working under them. Even though gift cards or coffee/candles are pretty standard, it turns out bosses who take a little extra time to search out gifts that embrace the philosophy of the company and are built to last, while being eco-friendly, help to make employees feel more appreciated and when people feel valued, they are more loyal and work harder.

This is the closing paragraph for a B2B marketing email for a bio-cotton clothing company specializing in fun and witty t-shirts and offered other eco-friendly gifts.